Schools are busy places

Great people, doing quality work for students and families every day. We're educators too and we know just how busy you really are. We're here to help your students and families find success in high school, college and beyond!

Combined, we've spent over 40 years in schools of all shapes and sizes - we know that teachers, counselors, and administrators want to equip students for their futures.  We also know that college and career readiness can be elusive - with limited time, energy, and focus.

We can help

We work with schools to complement and enhance their college readiness programs.  A few ways that we can help:

  • Student College Planning Curriculum that educates and informs teenagers for success at each step.
  • Parent Focused Monthly Content that guides families through college planning from 7th grade through 12th grade.
  • Parent Education Workshops & Presentations that can help your parent and student community make informed and deliberate decisions.
  • School Consulting Services that help you examine readiness levels and make cost-effective enhancements to improve student outcomes.