Do schools and teachers need to sign up for parents to be able to use myOWNedu?

Nope!  We are a school agnostic platform - parents and teachers can use myOWNedu independent of school-wide usage.  We know home & school collaboration works best when parents and teachers are on the same page.  To take full advantage of our features it is best when both parents and teachers have accounts.

Is my child's information secure?

Absolutely - we've locked the door and thrown away the key!  Our system was built with student privacy and protection in mind.  Our awesome legal team worked really hard to make sure you were informed.  View our Privacy Policy here and our Terms of Service here

Is there a mobile app?

Not yet - we know how important a mobile app is to many of our users.  We'll start to develop that soon. Until then, you'll find that myOWNedu looks great and works well on any mobile web browser!

What is the difference between the free version and the premium subscription services?

Our free account provides for the necessary foundational features to establish partnerships between home and school.  Some of our users will find this level of subscription to meet their needs. Others will gravitate to our premium subscription features such as our Parent University, Academic File Storage, Digital Scrapbook, ePortfolio, and Parent-Educator Forum (all for $9.95/month - per household).  You can see more detailed descriptions of our features here.

Do students have accounts too?

At this time students do not have access to create their own accounts.  Parents create student profiles for each of their children - we believe it's best when parents and children work together in creating learning plans and learner profiles.

Our school already has a communication process in place that uses email - can I still use myOWNedu?

Absolutely.  We really aren't big fans of over-crowded inboxes. That's why we developed our communication tools to serve as direct lines to connect parents and teachers.  That way the important information about student learning isn't lost among the clutter. Did you know that myOWNedu is much more than a communication tool?  We offer parents, students, and teachers a whole bunch more than that!  See our feature descriptions here.

My school uses a learning management system.  How does that compare to myOWNedu?

That's great - learning management systems can certainly ease teacher-student content sharing and the instructional process.  Most LMS providers offer a parent view into those learning interactions. myOWNedu was designed as a comprehensive platform for parent engagement and school collaboration.  We believe that when parents are empowered to partner in education great things happen for kids.

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