We know how important your involvement is in your child's education - we also know how difficult it can be to stay on top of all of the important steps in planning and preparing for college.  

Below you'll find this month's content - LEARN (info to know), DO (action to take), and TIPS (insights for success)


8th Grade - AN Overview 

Eighth grade is full of anticipation; high school is so close your student can nearly touch it.  But before they can embark on the first “best four years” of their life, they have to find success this year. 

Throughout the 8th grade year we help your student create plans for their high school courses and better understand how their current behaviors impact their future plans.  First we take a look at the classes they are taking now and how they align with the high school curriculum.  Together, you and your student will discuss grades and their importance and the difference between hard work and a “gimmie” grade and why the first is better. 

The transition to high school can be jarring for kids and their parents: new kids, they’re the youngest again, new expectations….. But it doesn’t have to be stressful – we’ll help you throughout the 8th grade year to make sure the transition to high school is as easy as can be!  Your child will understand that their HS GPA matters for their future and that it begins with the first day of 9th grade.  

This year, we’ll also take a strong look at positive student behaviors and building good habits now so that they are second nature for your teenager by the time 9th grade begins.  This eighth grade year will be a time of self-reflection, of shedding who they “were” in favor of who they want to “become” academically, socially, and emotionally. 

This is a year of patience and growth for everyone (including and especially you!) – but not to worry, as it will be like watching a butterfly come out of the cocoon; your child will have a metamorphosis and start to discover their own beauty; a beauty you knew since the day you met them!


Understand Their Schedules

Your teenager may want to be independent, but they definitely still need your help and support.  One way to do that is to truly understand their courses and class schedule.

This month’s “DO” task is to sit down with your teenager and talk about their schedule of classes.  Ask them questions about each class, what they think they may learn in that course, and certainly note any concerns they may express about the course.

As the school year starts up for you, be sure to have the contact information of key school personnel – teachers, counselors, principals, and coaches.

TIP #1

School supplies - now's the time to make sure your teenager has the necessary items to be successful this year.  Sometimes the simplest supply (like a folder) can make all the difference for organization!

TIP #2

Set some goals for the year!  What do you want to accomplish as a parent of an 8th grader – it may be involvement in their school, support in their homework, getting to know them as young adults.  Regardless of your goals, be sure to tell your son or daughter (they’ll help keep you accountable.)

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