We know how important your involvement is in your child's education - we also know how difficult it can be to stay on top of all of the important steps in planning and preparing for college.  

Below you'll find this month's content - LEARN (info to know), DO (action to take), and TIPS (insights for success)


Interests: The Spice of Life

The world is a very different place today than the one you faced when making college and career-related decisions.  With new careers being created all the time, many jobs open to kids today didn't even exist 10 years ago.  Talk about feeling old….

A good starting point to better help your student find their way to a successful and fulfilling life and career path, is to understand the range of job options available and what academic skills employers are actively seeking.  It’s also important to help your child discover where their non-academic strengths lie.

A child is an extension of yourself, so it’s easy to unintentionally guide them to realize any of your unfulfilled ambitions. However, they may not be suited to or interested in the same things as you, so, while it is painful to let go, it must be encouraged for your child to find their own path and live their own life.  And, while easier said than done, please be realistic about your child's potential.  

We all know that our child is special to us, but asking teachers and school counselors what they see can help you better understand your child’s potential from a non-biased source.

There is no shortage of online resources that can help your student discover the numerous choices that they can choose from, but the best way to determine what direction is best is to experience it directly.  

Encourage your child to take on unofficial internships or apprenticeships, seek out volunteer opportunities, job shadow, or interview people that currently have a career that your child is interested in.

It's never too early to start thinking about the future.  Allow your child every opportunity to find a path that suits them and will lead to a fulfilling future.  Trust me, a little extra work now is way better than paying for extra years of college tuition if they change their major over and over again.  


Discuss the Difference between a Celebrity and a role Model

Your teenager is influenced by lots of sources.  Many of these influencers are people in their lives or people that they see or read about.  This causes teenagers to see really great examples of adult living (careers, philanthropy, integrity) but can also give your child a chance to see negative examples of adult life.

Have a conversation with your student about the difference between a celebrity and a role model.  Ask them who their role models are and be sure to ask why they see that adult as a role model too!  You may even want to share some of your role models (former and current).

TIP #1

Summer Learning?  Now’s a great time to be thinking about your summer plans.  Sometimes, summer learning experiences may be a great option for your son or daughter.

While many people think of summer school as remediation, there are actually lots of options available that promote enrichment, exploration, and extension of what is learned during the school year.  Check with your guidance counselor, local park district, or other community boards or websites for summer camp and learning opportunities.

TIP #2

Standardized Tests - The spring is a common time for state and national standardized tests.  While these tests may seem to be only important for the school, the results of these tests are oftentimes being used for placement decisions in middle school and high school.

Help your son or daughter prepare for these tests by making sure they get plenty of rest, eat a healthy breakfast and snack, and that they have the right materials (pencils, calculators, etc.) to be successful!

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