We know how important your involvement is in your child's education - we also know how difficult it can be to stay on top of all of the important steps in planning and preparing for college.  

Below you'll find this month's content - LEARN (info to know), DO (action to take), and TIPS (insights for success)


They've Been Accepted!  Now what?

When you applied to colleges, we encouraged you to keep the list to a manageable size for a few reasons, most importantly acceptance percentage.  If you apply to 20 schools, you’ll likely get 15 “yes” decisions.  If you apply to 5, you’ll, get 3, and it’s easier to choose from 3 than it is to choose from 15.   If deciding how to limit which colleges to apply to was tough for your student, just wait until he/she must decide on just one to attend.

The decision is theirs.  

Yes, you can give input and talk about finances and your opinion (as you may be the one writing an Ed McMahon sized check), but the final decision must be theirs; they must be excited and motivated to do well when the weather stinks and they have a half mile walk to an 8:00am class.

Sometimes a final college decision is easy: your child gets into his/her first choice. Sometimes their first-choice schools reject them (which can be emotionally difficult for them). Sometimes students get placed into “admissions limbo” and they are waitlisted or deferred.

Never has your support been more needed and necessary.  You can celebrate together if all has gone well; but it's important that you show support and not disappointment in him/her if the favorite colleges don't send acceptance letters.  

If that happens, it's imperative that you not make excuses for the student or the school, but rather, help keep your son or daughter from dwelling on where he/she has not been accepted. Now is the time to encourage your teenager to focus on choosing the best college from all the wonderful acceptances they did get. Most students end up having wonderful college experiences whether they have gotten into their first-choice school or not.  


Make that Final DeCision

Your student got accepted to college!  Congratulations!  Now what happens?

Making a final decision (which must be registered with the college by May 1st) is tough and can be highly emotional, but it doesn’t have to be.  Helping your student make this decision is really important.

In your life, you’ve probably had to make some big decisions that have led you this moment - you’ve been there and done that…your experience matters.  Show them that you want to help them find the college that will allow them to have a great experience.  Let them know you want them to be happy and successful and that you will support them no matter what.  

TIP #1

Can you believe it - your senior is almost done! (But that's no excuse for them to stop doing their homework.) Help them finish strong!

TIP #2

Help your teenager identify 1-2 companies or businesses in your local area that are interesting to them. Encourage them to schedule a day over the summer to observe and job shadow. They might learn a whole bunch even meet some great people!

myOWNEDU for Schools!

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