We know how important your involvement is in your child's education - we also know how difficult it can be to stay on top of all of the important steps in planning and preparing for college.  

Below you'll find this month's content - LEARN (info to know), DO (action to take), and TIPS (insights for success)


College Admissions Personnel

Did you know there is more than one kind of college visit?  The more traditional visit includes a trip to the school and involves a leisurely walk around the campus and a stop at the bookstore for a commemorative t-shirt.  The type of college visit I want to focus on is the one your student has with the college’s admissions personnel.  It’s also important to recognize that there are two types: formal and informal.

The formal appointment takes place on campus, in addition to your group info session and tour.  You should call ahead to schedule an individual appointment with a college admissions counselor. This is the best way for your student to introduce him/herself to the admissions decision makers as well as it is a crucial step for understanding how the university works from the inside out. This formal type of college visit is best planned for the fall of senior year, but can take place as early as spring of junior year, whenever you visit campus.

Note - this is not a college interview.  An interview is requested by the school and is usually in direct relation to the program of study or for a scholarship.   

The more informal but equally important meeting can take place as early as your sophomore year and is imperative for junior year.  During the fall, colleges from across the country send a regional representative to high schools to introduce students to the college and what it has to offer.  These admissions personnel are a terrific resource for your student, to get them acquainted with the college and all it can offer.  

If your student can’t make it to the meeting, this same person might be able to meet you in your neighborhood to discuss your questions and concerns regarding their school.  (Remember, they are looking for great candidates to attend their school – they are typically more than accommodating in meeting with your family.)

In either case, your student should be ready to talk about themselves and why they are considering the college.  They should bring a copy of their transcript and their activities resume, as well as have some prepared questions about the school, their program of interest, and campus life.  When students meet the colleges and really learn about them they can make a more informed decision about where they will attend with significantly more confidence.  


Find a Local College Fair

Local college fairs and events are great ways to learn about colleges AND for initial meetings with college admissions personnel.

Check with your high school guidance counselor to see if the school, district or even a neighboring school may be hosting a spring college fair.  Sometimes your local community colleges also sponsor larger college fairs.

Be sure to help your teenager prepare for the event - copies of transcripts & resumes - along with some prepared questions.

First impressions are so important!

TIP #1

Is summer school right for my teenager?  This summer may be a great time to take a class.  Summer school isn’t necessarily for repeat or remediation – many students take summer classes (online or in person) to ease some of the burden and pressure of the 11th grade year.  Consider taking a summer class and opening up a spot in your schedule for a study hall during the school year.

TIP #2 

A summer job?  Your son or daughter will be starting college in just over 2 years!  This summer is a perfect time for them to look into a summer job that can help build great skills that colleges will be looking for.  It can also be a great way to save up some money for college expenses.

myOWNEDU for Schools!

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