We know how important your involvement is in your child's education - we also know how difficult it can be to stay on top of all of the important steps in planning and preparing for college.  

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The Untapped Potential of Summer

As a kid, summer vacation was the time to run loose and spend time with friends being active outside until the streetlights came on and it was time to go home.  In today’s competitive society, many parents and students feel like this is no longer the case.  There are typically about 10 weeks of time that your student can use for rest, relaxation, and learning.  Right now, summer camps, activities, and programs are open for student registration.  How can you help your teenager take advantage of these summer weeks?

Finding the right way to spend summer depends on many facets: schedules, finances, location, and passions.  The first thing to consider with your student is how would your student’s time be best spent?  

Has the year been academically, socially, or emotionally difficult?  Perhaps an emphasis on rest, fun, and rejuvenation is in order.

Would it be best to focus on athletics or perhaps on academics – either bolstering skills or acquiring new talents?  

Or is it best to focus passions, such as volunteering at a shelter or taking class that feeds their soul, like painting or culinary arts?  Is there a leaderships camp he/she can attend?   

Do these options work with your schedule?  And if so, are they financially feasible for your family?

Taking part in a camp or completing a course can be really beneficial; not only can they help improve your student’s skills, they can add valuable volume to his/her activities resume.  Now, not everything that your student does has to be in direct correlation to their collegiate future.  College admissions isn’t about calculation, but rather, putting the best foot forward and helping your student to be well rounded.

Summer has untapped potential.  It is an annual chance for your student to diversify learning through real world experience and outside-the-box opportunities, meeting new people, and adding to their skills all while having fun.  Encourage them to take advantage of this time and to enjoy it for all it’s worth.  


Help Them Create a Summer Plan

Summer can be a great waste of time or the most useful few months of the year!  It all depends on how it’s utilized.

Your student should use this time to their advantage.  Finding the right activities is important and you can help them.  Look for ways for them to increase the knowledge or supplement their education through new academic-like pursuits like space camp or culinary programs.  

They can also take part in activities that are related to possible career interests, like interning at a local vet or with the local paper.

Talk to your student about what they would like to do this summer and help them find the right activity to enhance their future.  Then work with them to create a summer schedule that is manageable for the entire family!

TIP #1

Their thoughts may be on summer…help them to remember their school work and the importance of finishing strong.

TIP #2 

Consider putting a plan together for studying for final exams.  10th grade finals can be very important for establishing a strong GPA for college admissions.

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