Picking the Right High School Classes

Now is the time of year when most high school students are finalizing their courses for the upcoming school year.  For many students and parents this can be a complicated and confusing experience.  With the idea of college admissions in the distant horizon, families often feel the extra weight of these decisions.  But High School Course selection can also be a time of excitement and new opportunities - especially when you have a plan!

As you help your student make wise decisions for next year (and their future) it is certainly helpful to have a good understanding of the role and purpose of each year of high school.  

The Princeton Review captured the essence of the 4-year high school experience:

  • Freshmen Year = Foundation for Success
  • Sophomore Year = Academic Progress and Challenge
  • Junior Year = Your Final Chance to Shine
  • Senior Year = Finish Strong

This is a great perspective to have when approaching course selection.  Colleges want to see that your student has approached their high school education with a goal in mind.  College admissions personnel are very skilled at reviewing transcripts.  In addition to GPA, the transcript tells a story about the applicant’s interests, passions, and even their goals.

Regardless of the grade level, having a general plan for the school year helps to set the tone for your high school course selection and provides your student with path to a destination they can get excited about.

For additional insights, you can check out this extensive article on the PrepScholar blog.  Also, be sure to contact your school counselor as they will have school-specific information that is really important as well.

Still feeling overwhelmed?  We can help!  Contact us or check out our college planning services.

By Edsel Clark, Educator, Parent, and CEO/Co-Founder