Don't forget these 2 often overlooked college expenses

There are two places you spend most of your life: in bed and on your feet.  College is no different.


Get good grades, have a social life, and get enough sleep: in college, you can usually only have two of these. So, while you might not get as much sleep as you’d like, make sure that the sleep you DO get is comfortable, restful, and deep.  

A good night's sleep is essential for brain development.

Invest in your learning with proper bedding!

Sheets - Invest in quality sheets, 2 sets, that won’t scratch or pill and that fit the bed well. (Speaking of fitting well, college dorm beds can vary in size - check out this WikiHow on picking the right college bed sheets.)

Pillow - Purchasing a supportive pillow will help cut down on tossing and turning.  A good night’s rest is essential to being a productive student each day, so maybe invest in a sleep mask and some ear plugs, too, for those nights your roomie stays up late studying.  (Don’t forget to wash all your bedding regularly too! Need a reason - read this! Not sure how often to wash - recommends every 1-2 weeks.)


Please, wear sensible shoes - your future old-self will thank you.  The average college student is on their feet 14 hours a day.  Sure, 3” pumps make your legs look great ladies, but no one wants to see your gnarly blisters propped up on their futon 8 hours later. (Not sure how to narrow it down ladies? Here are the must-have shoes for your college closet.)


The average college student is on their feet 14 hours a day.

Wear sensible shoes!

College is a great place to get exercise, especially if the gym isn’t your favorite place; walks to and from campus can be just as good for your heart as it can be your future.  Wear sneakers to class each day - you may want to even consider 2 pair!

It’s probably best to buy several pair of good shoes that you’ll enjoy wearing - check some trendy styles for college students.  And make sure the rest of your shoes are ready for your campus’ weather conditions -  boots in the winter and breathable shoes for hot months.

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Written by Andrea Purcell, Lead Content Strategist for College and Careers.